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We offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function. 

Want to get back to doing what you always have done pain free, then you are in the right PLACE!

We help people get back to their lives free from pain and stiffness and the confidence to do what they always love doing again.
At Alleviate, we believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function. 

Our Services

Physical Therapy 600x600 (1)

Physical Therapy

Using evidence-based clinical research, we compile detailed rehabilitation plans that are designed specifically for you and your needs and are sent directly to your phone after each session.  This plan is developed with your needs in mind all the way from day one until you reach your goal.  The most important part of the plan is your buy in. Call us today and have a no obligation phone-call with your dedicated therapist.

Injury Prevention 600x600 (1)

Injury Prevention

If you are fed up getting by game to game with old niggles or pains then its time to overcome these inefficiencies and make yourself robust. As Louis Gifford put it, we are looking for ‘thoughtless fearless movement’ when we race, play, fight or go into battle. If there is a fear avoidance at the back of you mind about pulling a hamstring or tearing your groin then the ability to perform at your best is erased.

Mobility Training 600x600 (1)

Mobility Training

Movement is medicine and the better we move the less medicine we will require.  There is no point in having a car with six gears if you can only access three or four of them.  Assume your body is capable of so much more and with the appropriate range of motion the right muscles fire in the right sequences.  Take your average runner, in particular one who hyper extends the lower back instead of extending the hip.  This pelvic movement has devastating effects on the body both up and down the kinetic chain.  

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Alleviate Physical Therapy

Conall worked in Dublin for many years working as a part-time physical therapist before returning home to his native Donegal in 2016.  He opened Alleviate Physical Therapy in May 2016 in Moorefield, Ramelton. 

With a strong sporting background, Conall has had his fair share of injuries in his sporting exploits; he has always had keen interest in the workings of the body and how it can adapt. His fascination with movement sent him back to his studies in 2008 to follow his dream of running his own Physical Therapy practice.

Conall is a member of Irish Association Of Physical Therapists (IAPT) and is registered with CORU on the resister of Physiotherapists (Registered Number: PT035946),  He has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science and Physical Therapy from the Institute of Physical Therapy (IPTAS).

Conall strives to provide his clients with the most up-to-date scientific evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation so they can enjoy a happier, healthier, pain-free life.

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What Our Client Say

The Freedom of Movement

I had ongoing issues with Knees, back and shoulder among other things for years. Conall nailed the core of the problem and explained the relationship between the injuries. 4 weeks later I can't believe the difference and the freedom in movement again. Really impressed with the knowledge and experience Conall brought to the table...
highly recommended.👍 ~~ Peter Orsi - IT

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